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Klutina River Guides, Alaska
Klutina King Salmon - Beginning Aug. 15th - King Salmon on the Pere Marquette River!
Klutina River King Salmon near Copper Center Alaska - Klutina River Salmon

Starting on Paxson Lake catching Lakers, then starting into the river the Rainbows on the upper Gulkana River can be outstanding! It is hard to describe what it is like to catch 40 rainbows over 24 inches in one 5 day trip! The Grayling get annoying, there are so many, we will start working to figure out what flies scare the grayling away and still catch the Rainbows!

Klutina Lodge also specializes in rafting and adventure trips on the Copper, Gulkana, Klutina, Tonsina, Delta, and many other rivers. These rivers are home to the bald eagle, moose, bear, wild bison and much more of Alaska's beautiful wildlife. From 15 day adventure trips for the Diehard to 6 hr wilderness floats. We have an experience the whole family can enjoy!

The fish come up the river from the ocean to spawn, and they are big! This area is more remote and is incredible. The Copper River Basin is better than other places because of its unknown identity and has not been discovered by the thousands. It is not a "combat fishing zone" like the Kenai. You can actually get out on your own and fish without being shoulder to shoulder with someone. Many times we get to fish half the day before even seeing another boat.
Sockeye Salmon on the  Gulkana River, Alaska, AK Trout
How many days of fishing should I book?

How long you stay depends on what kind of Alaskan experience you want. If you are coming to Alaska to create a hard-core, once in a lifetime fishing expedition, then we would suggest that you fish for at least five days. Our five day package is an awesome way to enjoy Alaska. In this time you really get to know your guide and the river. Also, if the fishing is slow one day you'll have a very good chance of hitting the jackpot the next day. It has never happened that we go five days without some serious action, during the fishing season.

If you have come to Alaska to sightsee and fish, and don't plan on staying in our area long you can book a day trip and have a great time on the river. Odds are excellent that we'll put you on fish (it's what we do.) Also we would like to mention our sightseeing trips, Wrangle St. Elisa National Park, Denali Highway, Caribou Migration Tours, Flight seeing trips, and many other Wildlife viewing tours.

Giant Gulkana River King Salmon from the Copper River system. If you're planning on being in Alaska for several weeks, touring, and traveling and don't want to spend too much time in the Copper River Basin, we would recommend fishing for Kings in mid July and coming back through Glennallen to fish Sockeyes (Reds) in August. That's a great recipe for a salmon fishing memory. Also fishing the Saltwater out of Valdez for Halibut and Silvers is a worth while trip!

Where are you located and how do I get there?
The Copper River Basin is located 180 miles northeast of Anchorage on the Glen Highway (Highway 1.) Just jumping on the Glen Highway will get you to Glennallen, our base town. From Glennallen, the Gulkana River is 17 miles Northwest and the Klutina River is about 14 miles Southeast. Call us and we will give specific instructions how to get to us and where to stay. There are not that many roads in this part of Alaska. It's hard to get lost.

What is my whole Trip going to cost me?
Plane tickets to Anchorage range from $400 to $800 depending on when you buy them and where you're flying from. Your rent-a-car will cost between $50 and $100 a day, depending on the size of the car. Other than those expenses, you will have your guided trip expenses, and gratuity.

Klutina Lodge Kings are some of the largest Salmon in Alaska. AK King Salmon. Beginning Aug. 15th - King Salmon on the Pere Marquette River!
Guided Salmon fishing on the Klutina River. Beginning Aug. 15th - King Salmon on the Pere Marquette River!

 Klutina River, Gulkana River) in the Copper .... abundance of Copper River Chinook salmon.
Gorgeous Klutina River Salmon - July is prime time for  King Salmon.
Helene and Damon with a very nice 42 lb buck King Salmon. The last week of the season has been outstanding! Looking forward to Michigan Salmon starting Aug.
20th. (8/3)

Jason and Tiffany with a 46 lb buck Salmon.
Robert and Jason with a very nice Copper River King Salmon landed on the fly rod.

Mike with a giant buck from the Copper River.

Lynne and Courtney with a 38lb buck from the Klutina River. Klutina Lodge
Bo with our first chrome king on the fly. (7/12)

Myself with a 28lb king from the Klutina River. Fishing was outstanding today. We were well into double digits on Chinook Salmon. (7/9)

We spent the day dry fly fishing for Artic Grayling. I have never witnessed a fish take surface flies more aggressively! These are a blast on a 5 wt!

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Sucker spawn and fry produce vast amounts of Trout forage in late May.
Steelhead Fry & Sucker Spawn

During the day- Large Streamers and fry patterns near the bank. Shaded pockets hold the fish! Sink-tip fly lines have been the key for Muskegon River Trout and Steelhead.

Nymphing with sucker spawn patterns and small nymphs has also been producing numbers Trout on the Muskegon River.

Dry flies & Drake spinners in the evenings. Some of the best hatches occur as the sun drops below the tree line with low light.

May & June are the the time for Dry fly fishing with the Gray Drake Spinners.

(Gray Drakes are a mid-sized may fly with smoke clear wings, a thin variegated body, and a white ring around the eyes.) Most spinner falls occur just be for dark.

Drakes also always spinner fall on a riffle or fast current. Muskegon's most overlooked hatch, typically found in the middle to lower sections of the river. Thornapple - Henning Park.

Gray Drake Spinner patterns for big trout!
Gray Drake Spinner - May - July Trout Evening Hatch Fishing
(Gray Drake Spinner - )
River perfect level-2450-cfs-
60 degree water temp.

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